... the old mimaroglu "sales" site is now kaput; the new mimaroglu "ultralite" site is here:

... since october 2003, mimaroglu music sales has provided the discerning listener direct access to thousands of hard-to-find recordings of classic & contemporary experimental & electronic music, including analogue synthesizer music, computer music, electro-acoustic composition & improvisation, field recordings, free jazz, harsh noise, minimalism & modern composition, psychedelia, sound art & sound-poetry, and other assorted/related genres ... within these pages, you'll find listings for everything from mass-market vinyl & compact disc releases to private-edition cd-rs & cassettes & the occasional gallery-issue / artists multiple, as well as our own in-house productions ...

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points to consider (a disclaimer, if you will) :
1). every facet of both mimaroglu music sales' retail & wholesale operations is handled by one person - this includes all accounting, banking, buying, corresponding, counting, emailing, inventorying, invoicing, listing, maintaining, packing, processing, programming, receiving, refunding, sampling, scanning, shipping, and writing. with that in mind, please approach all matters with a modicum of patience ...

2). while there is at least one copy of everything currently listed on the "closeout" pages physically sitting on a shelf somewhere in the office here, the same may not be true of the rest of the titles on this "legacy" version of the mms retail site; i try to update it at least once a week, removing items that have sold out & taking things down after a denied restock attempt, but there will be the occasional title that i haven't seen in years that's still "active" on these pages - if something seems too good to be true, then likely it is ; as always, use your best judgement ...

3). most to all completed orders for in-stock items ship within a few days placement ... again, this isn't amazon ; i don't have a dedicated warehouse staff at our beck and/or call (i don't even have a warehouse !!! just a pair of rooms totalling 425 square feet) - if the thought of waiting more than a few days for your order to get processed, packed, shipped, tracked, and delivered is outrageous to you, please start again at point 1). and/or reconsider placing an order to begin with. the prices are kept as low as humanly possible to offset any shortcomings in the fulfillment deparment. consider this a concession ...
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